Our Vision

To position Technology Integrators as a preferred IT Solutions provider of choice.

Technology Integrators is a Tech Company which was started in 2012 by a group of young passionate enthusiasts who were interested in adding a contribution to the fast  growing Ugandan ICT industry with quality and innovative solutions through continuous research. We continue to serve a broad spectrum of organisations/businesses including Government, Not for profit, Schools, factories, corporate, banks, retail, private homes among others. Our model involves customization of solutions are for each business case by thorough analysis of the requirements. Each customer is accorded a dedicated relationship and technical personnel to ensure a personalized relationship in order to maintain high quality of service, smooth flow of communication.


  To strengthen our presence in the market through our customer focused delivery model.

To assist our customers to attain maximum return on their IT investment by providing the most suitable information and solutions.

To maintain and strengthen partnerships with industry leaders and be at the forefront of technology integration in businesses.